Making Your Homeschool Happy

Making Your Homeschool Happy

If homeschooling ever feels like a burden to you or you feel like something just isn’t working, we want to encourage you. Don’t give up! Don’t be afraid! Browse the resources here for tips on making your homeschool happy.


First, take a moment to read “Each Day is a New Beginning” as a reminder that each day is a fresh start.

Each Day is a New Beginning


Remembering your purpose can help you find the path moving forward, whether it is to simply take a break and have some fun, or tweak your plan. Keep the needs of your family in mind and refocus on the heart of your homeschool by reading “Ten Tips for Family-Focused Homeschooling.” 

Ten Tips for Family-Focused Homeschooling

Keep Going:

No one is perfect and we should remind ourselves of that regularly. Read this and give yourself some grace. You can do it!

Homeschooling Success for Imperfect Mothers

More Encouragement:

Have some fun and watch “Decisions, Decisions” — a video showing what a homeschooling mama actually goes through each day.

Decisions, Decisions

Last one:

Do you wonder if homeschooled children can succeed? Two parents who homeschooled their four lively children prove that they can succeed. They can even soar. One of them might even become president of the United States. 

Homeschooling an American President

Need more ideas?

Here are some more ways to make your homeschool happy.