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Be Happy Homeschooling is a service of Notgrass History. With the world changing rapidly, we know that many parents are at a crossroads. Parents are wondering what the best way is to educate their children. The purposes of Be Happy Homeschooling are to help families consider the benefits of homeschooling and learn how it can be done effectively. We also want to encourage current homeschooling families.

Notgrass History exists to glorify God by producing materials centered in His Word that help parents train their children to honor God with heart, soul, and mind. The Notgrass team works together to serve homeschooling families across the country and around the world. We'd love to help your family! For more information about Notgrass curriculum, visit the Notgrass History website.

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Ray and Charlene Notgrass

We began homeschooling in 1990. We hung a bulletin board, displayed an American flag for the Pledge of Allegiance, and assembled our big stack of textbooks. By trying to recreate a public school in our basement, homeschooling quickly came to feel like a big, heavy sack of rocks.

Our homeschooling experience was transformed when we made homeschooling who we were instead of a burden. We carefully chose some curriculum, and we did a lot of lifestyle learning together. We took art lessons. We went on lots of field trips. We volunteered. We read books aloud.

In 1999 we began to combine our homeschool experience with our love of history to develop Bible-based, easy-to-use homeschool curriculum. Our curriculum uses narrative lessons, original source documents, rich literature, and hands-on activities to help parents and children love history.

Throughout our two decades of serving homeschooling families, we have worked to encourage them. We are grateful for this opportunity to reach out to even more families through Be Happy Homeschooling.