Yes, You Can Homeschool!

Yes, You Can Homeschool!

If homeschooling is a new idea for you, you probably have lots of questions, especially this one: “Can I homeschool?” We have resources to help you gain confidence and address common bumps in the road that new homeschoolers typically experience. We can help you boldly say, “Yes, I can homeschool!”

Start Here:

One common question homeschooling mamas have is “How do I get it all done?” To answer this question, watch this video where Charlene Notgrass shares some tips on managing that to-do list.

Help! How Do We Homeschool?


We suggest you think about your ultimate goal for homeschooling. What do you want to accomplish? Here is a great example that you can use as a starting point if you wish.

Homeschooling Goal

Keep Going:

Academics are important in their proper place. If you’re wondering what to do if your child struggles in academics, read this.

What If My Child is Not So Academic?

More Encouragement:

Here are some more suggestions on both spiritual and academic subjects to teach the hearts of your children. 

What Should I Teach?

One more:

Theodore Roosevelt’s parents recognized the need for variety in their homeschool lifestyle. While homeschooling four lively children, they were able to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, travel, exploring nature, and academics.

Homeschooling an American President

Need more confidence? 

Browse these spiritual and academic tools that will help you feel confident in your choice to teach your children at home.