Thank You for Homeschooling!

Thank You for Homeschooling!

Congratulations! You have invested so much in your children - your heart, your prayers, your time, and your attention. Even if you are approaching the final years of homeschooling, we want to lift you up with these heartfelt thank you resources. 


Start the celebration with “Thank You For Homeschooling” where we’re recognizing your homeschooling accomplishments — we are so thankful for you!

Thank You for Homeschooling​


Watch this personal message from Charlene Notgrass about how important your homeschooling efforts are to your family, your community, and the world.

You Are My Heroine

Keep Going:

You’re not done yet! Get inspiration for the future as you move on to the next chapter.

Learning and Teaching Doesn't End at 18

More Encouragement:

Remember that God is on your side, and you are a success! Have some fun with our “You Are A Success” video and don’t miss the bloopers.

You Are A Success

One More:

​You’ve blessed your children by teaching their hearts, souls, and minds at home. President Theodore Roosevelt received the same blessing from his parents.

Homeschooling an American President

Want to finish strong?

See more resources and tools to continue your journey until, and even after, you cross the finish line.