Is It Time to Homeschool?

Is It Time to Homeschool?

Do you have concerns about your child’s education? Have you started to ask yourself if it is time to homeschool? We’ve gathered materials that can help you make the best decision for your family.

Start Here:

A good first step is watching the “Should We Homeschool?” video in which Charlene Notgrass explains how and why their family made the decision to homeschool.

Should We Homeschool?


This podcast with Ray and Charlene Notgrass tells the story of how Theodore Roosevelt’s parents successfully homeschooled the future president. 

Homeschooling: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt

Keep Going:

Parents choose to homeschool for many different reasons. Next, we suggest that you think about your goals for your children. Read “3 Reasons to Homeschool,” which provides a birds-eye view of three important features of homeschooling that are rarely found in public school.

3 Reasons to Homeschool

More Encouragement:

If you’re struggling with fears about homeschooling, read “Are You Afraid to Homeschool?” to remind you that God gave you your children. He trusts you and will provide what you need when you need it.

Are You Afraid to Homeschool?

One more:

Finally, let God help you focus on what's most important with the simple prayers in “Lord, Help Me Put First Things First.”

Lord, Help Me Put First Things First

Ready for more answers about homeschooling?

Dig deeper, address hesitations, and identify the benefits for your family with the videos, printables, and articles below.