"I conceive the knowledge of books is the basis upon which other knowledge is to be built."
- George Washington

The Good Things

Books fire the imagination.

Books give children a wider world and an opportunity to imagine life in another place or time.

Literature helps children learn to emulate a good character they read about in a story.

Reading is a building block for learning - if you can read, you can pretty much learn anything!

Literature helps children try out new ideas.

Books help children develop empathy by walking in another's shoes.

Books help history come alive. When children can see how other people lived, they can see themselves more completely and honestly.

What About Questionable Content?

Books with questionable content give families an opportunity to talk through difficult
subjects in a comfortable setting where parents can answer a child's questions.

Some books are better read aloud so that parents can help their child understand a difficult or sensitive topic. They can teach their child to make wise judgements about that subject.

(Also, see our other content about choosing books for your children.)

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