Ray Notgrass
Do you ever wonder what is going on in our economy? Do you ever wonder if your children will know how to handle money when they become adults? Economic questions and personal financial matters can be some of the most difficult issues that people face. 
Homeschooling enables you to provide training in economics and finance that will serve your students well both now and in the future. You can put resources before them that have a philosophy you trust. They can learn the principles that will help our economy grow and remain sound.
In a homeschooling family, children can see their parents make daily financial decisions, live by a budget, pay monthly bills, and give generously. They have a front row seat (or second row car seat) to witness the financial responsibility of going to the market and choosing one brand of breakfast cereal over another to stay within the grocery budget. They can live the experience of good stewardship by helping in the garden or with home improvement projects, by carpooling, and by cooking.

Homeschool students can also learn the great blessing of having fun without spending a lot of (or any) money. You can make family memories with board games, dress-up, or a Wednesday morning picnic at the park. Make a new recipe for dinner. Go to a piano recital given by a family friend. Take a tour of a nearby historic site your family just studied or find your family’s favorite way to make memories without spending a penny.
Homeschooling allows us to make wise financial decisions and be good stewards of the resources God has given us.

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