Explaining our company to people who do not homeschool . . . now that has been a challenge. Sometimes when we tell people what we do, they wonder why we only write Christian homeschool curriculum when there is a giant public school market available. “Could you take out the Christian content and sell to public schools, too?” some have wondered. Well, no, we couldn’t.

I love what I do. I love to sit at my computer and explain history to children, and I love to tell them history stories from a Christian worldview. A few weeks ago, one of our customer service representatives at Notgrass History got a request from a homeschooling mama. It was not the first time we had gotten the same request. Could your company publish your curriculum in a secular version? She wanted to know. We like the quality but we can’t use our state curriculum funds to purchase it because it has religious content, and besides that, some people want to use secular material.

Our humble answer was no. For one thing, I have no desire to produce secular curriculum. I am a Christian. Notgrass History does what we do on purpose. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if we took the Christian content out of our curriculum.

For another thing, we can’t write secular curriculum. It’s impossible. 

We publish history. History didn’t happen without God. We can’t leave Him out. 

I have no intention of ever walking into my office to write secular curriculum or to pull the Christian content out of what we have written already. I have no interest in how big the market is. Our intention from the beginning was to help parents provide godly training for their children, and we haven’t changed our minds. No, let me say this instead: we haven’t changed our hearts.

Some parents are concerned that a curriculum written from a Christian worldview might promote particular sectarian views that are in conflict with a family’s own Christian convictions. I felt that way myself when we were homeschooling. At Notgrass History we try simply to teach what the Bible says without a particular sectarian slant. As I have told many parents through the years, that is our intention, but we are human and we can make mistakes unintentionally. I have asked parents please to let us know if they notice that we have done that inadvertently.