Ray and Charlene Notgrass
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and your children had the time and freedom to focus on the eternal instead of cramming for Monday’s test? As a home educator, you can choose your child’s academic resources. Bible study can be a part of every school day. Praying together as a family is easier when you have more time together. Relating God’s Word to real life helps wisdom to stick. 
Any honest educator will admit that transforming thoughts is a main purpose of education. No education is neutral, no matter who says otherwise. Praise God that you can transform your children’s thoughts by leading them to Jesus. You can give them an education that is truly meaningful.

As we rear our children, we can make the most of daily opportunities to teach them what is of first importance. We can make sure that we are caring for and training not only the child that others see, but the heart of our child that the Lord sees.

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