Article after article, speaker after speaker, and company after company claim to have the answer to how you can teach what your child needs to know. Here is one thing I know for certain: You will not find a perfect formula. Nobody can give you a guarantee like this: Do this and your child will be successful. There are no perfect people who can give you a fail-proof methodology.

Resist putting your trust in any frail human being — and every human being is a frail human being. Put your trust in the only One Who will never fail. Teaching what your child needs to know is not going to happen in a meeting once a week, in daily lesson plans, or a conference twice a year. The best way to teach what your child needs to know is by the tried-and-true method God gave in Deuteronomy: when you sit in your house, when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you rise up.

It is hard and it’s fun. It is exhausting and it is rewarding. Most of all, it is worth it. Regardless of which homeschool method you use, make your foundation a strong relationship with God and with your children. The method God gave in Deuteronomy gives you time to model for your children how to live a life worth living.