1. Worship our Father with your family and with His people.

2. Spend time in His Word together.

3. Mess up the kitchen and make a theme dinner. Start with Mexico. Cook up some tacos, make a Mexican flag out of construction paper, play some Latin music, take some pictures, and make a memory.

4. Play Scrabble® or Upwords® or Bananagrams® and let it count as a little portion of your English.

5. Learn cause and effect and coordination  — and laugh together — while you play Jenga®.

6. Volunteer together.

7. Watch good old movies.

8. Read good old books together.

9. Camp out together — if you aren’t an outdoorsy type, then camp out in the family room. It's a blast!

10. Learn together — so what if you didn’t learn geometry! Learn it with your kids.

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