It's a busy life being a homeschool mom; we understand. Every day you make a minimum of 52 decisions...or maybe it's 167 or maybe it's even 2,222!

Sometimes it's really hard to decide. Should I get that laundry started or make that lesson plan for...well, for today?

Should I try to make that bathroom sanitary or do history for the first time this month?

Should I find some good books...that my child probably should have already read by now or accept my friend's invitation for coffee and some adult conversation?

Should I prepare them to be strong for the Lord when they grow up...or feed them breakfast?

Should I make sure that they understand what's been happening in the world since creation...or try to maintain a degree of sanity?

Well, what if you didn't have to choose? At Notgrass History, we understand real homeschool families because we are a real homeschool family. We know it's hard to try to give your children a great education while living a real life and maintaining your sanity.

That's why we design our curriculum to be easy on students and easy on moms. Give it a try yourself and enjoy fewer decisions in your day. You might even have time to take a shower...sometime before dinner!