I’m guessing that on some days you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I remember what that felt like. I used to carry homeschooling around on my back like a big sack of rocks. Just ask my husband, Ray, about the day I wrapped myself around a pole in the basement and fell to the floor crying! 

It was a tough day, but it was a step on our path to making homeschooling who we were instead of something we strapped on!

So I understand that you might be wondering if you really can keep on homeschooling. Here’s one reason that I hope you will.

One of the most wonderful things that happens when you homeschool is simply that you get to be with your children. When your son builds a LEGO® castle, you get to tell him, “It’s amazing!” When your daughter draws a picture that she likes, you get to say, “That’s beautiful!”

When your child is disappointed, you are there to comfort. When your teenager gets disillusioned, you are there to give hope. When your child makes a discovery about clouds or insects or a Biblical truth, you are there to be amazed.

Thank you for taking advantage of this wonderful window of opportunity to be with your children. It is a precious gift to cherish.